Playing Card MandalaPlaying Card Mandala (detail)Quantum WaveQuantum Wave (detail)Jack of Spades MandalaJack of SpadesJack of HeartsQueen of HeartsAce of Spades Mandala (detail)Red LineRed Line (detail)Card Variations IICard Variations II (detail)Gold on DiamondsGold on Diamonds (detail)ClubsClubs (detail)SpadesBlue SpadesBlue Spades (detail)Hearts (Flame)Hearts (Flame) detail
works on paper-playing cards
In my series of “Playing Card Drawings” I add elements or subtract them from playing cards. All of my scratched card pieces are based on a labor intensive process that leaves behind the geometric patterns in the face cards that I then join together to create a kind of kaleidoscope or mandala. Conceptually, I consider the scratched card pieces to be drawings. Drawing only in reverse, removing as opposed to applying.

The symbols on the numerical cards of one suit (hearts, spades, clubs, diamonds) provides the system I use to make the free flowing, organic drawings. This creates a web or structural pattern that dictates the overall composition of each piece. These drawings tend to grow in an organic way. Spreading out to create all-over compositions.